When Thoughts Escape: Vol. 1 – a creative essay

When Thoughts Escape

Z.C. Angel

I miss my black apron and selling stuff to drones.

She left the house looking like that.

That face breaks mirrors.

Shut the fuck up.

Is it me or does this place make me want to become the next victim?

I know I’m fat and I love it.

At least I’m fuckable.

Her new scent is Trash.

I guess the turd doesn’t fall far from the asshole.

Just like her story, her food is hard to swallow and bland.

Someone needs to cut a branch out of the family tree.

He is “do” damn fine.

She doesn’t deserve him.

I may be broken but somewhere in being broken, I’m ok.

When a door opens another piece of shit walks through it.

The white walls keep my darkness in check.

There goes Suicide again.

Children are like bowling pins. Where’s my bowling ball? Time to go strike them out.

I’m not a racist, I just tell the truth.

Who cares about your fucking headache?

I’m just toooooooo poor to pay attention.

You lost me at…









I literally can’t.

I just don’t get your existence.

My smile should scare you.

Just jump already.

Nice to not meet you.


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