Alphabet Poems – Dot and Evil with a side of Flirtatious


Z.C. Angel

Draining all of the patience I have in me

on purpose, so you can act dumber

than the level of duh you really are.


Z.C. Angel

Erase the euphoria out of my life’s

vessel of unhappiness

intertwining with zombiefied




Z.C. Angel

Flirting is like second nature to me. I see a person

looking at me and I already assume they like me, so

I walk up to them, talk, drool, lust, fantasize getting some

raunchy ass sex with the hunk, act naive and shock

the shit out of hunk by going after his friend. I dare

all the time. I hope they want me to touch. I am so

tempted to graze my hand on hunk’s inner thigh

innocently saying “sorry my hand slipped”, but meaning “you’re mine!”

Opening a conversation with, “I’m a quick lay.” will get you nowhere…

unlike being at the Ritz because you said, “You don’t have to pay.”

Soon after he’s asleep…walk out with the money in your hands you sneaky bitch.


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