Mentionable Moments: The Ice-Cream Cone

Date: October 14, 2015

Time: 6:45 p.m.

Here’s the moment:

This message goes out to the young woman who took the booth that I was going to sit at with my husband to eat our lunch order from Burger King. She only had an ice-cream cone and she saw that I had a tray with two burgers and two large cokes. She smirked when she sat down.

I couldn’t say nothing since I was:

  1. In shock.
  2. Hangry (hungry + angry)
  3. I didn’t want to drop our meal ($237 pesos – you convert it to your currency because I do dicks, not math.)
  4. I had manners.
  5. She wasn’t worth it after the split second when I wanted to scream…REALLY?

We had to sit somewhere else because she wanted to look out the window while she ate her ice-cream cone at a booth for six people; not one “all by myself” bitch.

I wanted to push her out the window after I shoved the cone up her “ugh! get away from me” part. -I’m just saying.-

It’s people like her that make the world look at people like me wrong. I’m not being a bitch; I’m just voicing my opinion on stupidity.

It’s not my fault that I was blessed with sarcasm, the weapon against stupidity.

Feeling before said moment: happy because my hunger was going to be fed.

How I felt after said moment: full of a triple BK stacker, onion rings, and happiness because I ate a wonderful meal with the love of my life while Ms. Single Forever kept licking that ice-cream cone.

What I actually felt like telling her:



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