• false sense of self
  • mannequin face
  • monopoly money
  • soy milk
  • vegan-ism, except for Oreo’s
  • diet
  • a toothless smile
  • a sweaty handshake
  • a guy leaving after you jacked him off
  • not getting a happy ending
  • people who speak more than twelve languages
  • reality television shows
  • songs with one lyric
  • stuffed animals
  • exercise videos

(v) to be a fake person; to exude the smell of bullshit

(acronym) F.A.N.


  1. She told me she owns twelve cars, and two horse. I went to her Barbie house, and her fakeassness only owns a one plastic pink Corvette with a missing tire.
  2. Oh you know she fakeassnessed her way through the club. Pass the LYSOL please!
  3. Run before the shit starts flying from the F.A.N.



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